Self-guided practice

DYWM has helped me grow so much in my yoga practice. I had been using a beginner series for many years and was grateful to find DYWM a couple of years ago with more intermediate practices. (A recent in-person yoga retreat told me it’s working well. The instructors were impressed with my alignment and couldn’t believe I’d never had an in-person teacher.)

All that said, how do you get to a place where you can practice without being led by an instructor? At times, I find myself in a situation where it’s not convenient to play a video, and I’d love to be able to roll out a mat and go through a satisfying yoga practice. I have on occasion, rolled out a mat and gone through sun salutations and a few other moves, but they never feel as good as having a instructor take me through a well-rounded and challenging practice.


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Hi Beth!

I love this sharing, and am so happy that our classes have been such a valuable resource in your your progression over the years! We have such great instructors on this site!

As far as a self guided practice goes, it sounds like you are on your way towards that! Once you have some experience with a variety of classes and postures you can start to allow your inner teacher and creativity to flow! I found in the beginning as a teacher I would replicate or copy small flows that I learned in other classes, that allowed me to gain confidence in guiding myself through a sequence and then eventually others.

An example would be what I call a 3 part chain, 3 poses that go together easily like warrior 2, reverse warrior, then triangle pose. You could do a vinyasa then the second side and that would be your first flow sequence. 3 part chains can then be linked together!

Another fun idea is taking a sequencing course from our a la cart section in the yoga teacher training!