Staff Pose Help

Just wrapped up David’s Healthy Hamstrings video and felt like the whole 20 minutes was a back workout rather than a hamstring stretch. Trying to maintain the seated staff position took all my focus and energy and my lower/mid back felt the most work.

Would doing staff seated against a wall ease the back work so energy can be put toward the legs or pressing feet against a wall or couch to help energize/engage the leg muscles in seated staff? Is any assist to the seat recommended to help start the muscles and muscle memory for that pose?


Hi Derek,

Tight hamstrings can lead to weakness and pain in our back, especially the lower back. working on your hamstrings from staff might be something to work towards once you have created some space. One assist you can try is proping youself up on a folded blanket under your sit bones. Working on core strength will also help in staff, so your core is working not just the back.

I also have a program for the back, but also really the hamstrings here