Suggestions or Comments on the Site in General

Hmm this is an interesting request. I am actually not aware of any practices that help with Nausea, this is something I will definately look into however. I hope you are feeling better.

This wouldn’t help WHEN you are sick, but Rachel has a good class for digestion!

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Hi!! I love the site but there is one thing that I think has gotten just kinda boring. The classes have often had different eclectic backgrounds. I guess they were filmed in a variety of studios. They all seem cozy and inviting.

But now, what’s with the dull grey studio? The last nine classes all take place in this dreary grey grey grey environment. I think you seriously need to change this. When people who don’t know the site come to the classes they will see that and it is not inviting.

Funny that you mention this! We are actually working over the holidays on buiding a new set in our space with new props, decor, rugs, etc to create a variety of warm looks for our indoor filming! New sets are on their way in 2023!


I’ve been using DoYogaWith me for years and LOVE it! Recently I’ve been frustrated by some technical issues with the site. At times these issues are so severe it leads me to us another site or app, even though I enjoy the yoga on DYWM more.

Sometimes the ad of David talking about the new programs for 2023 freezes and never loads through to the class I’m wanting. Other times the class loads but the audio is not synched to the video. If this an issue just for me and there is something I can do please help! I’ve tried multiple devices and internet browsers.

Thanks for hearing and hope to find a resolution soon!

Wow…super frustrating! Send in your info to the tech support team by going to the home page, scrolling to the bottom and clicking Contact Us. They respond really quickly and are super helpful. I am not having the issues you are, but I have had others over the years and have been happy with the help I received. Good luck!
(Along with the info you gave above, be sure to let them know what device you are using and what browser, if you using the web site)

(If you’re making a wishlist) I’ve noticed a few of the classes might benefit from the option to adjust the speed. Sometimes it feels like an instructor is trying to squeeze was more instruction/asana into a lesson than the time allotted allows. (It might be an nice option for those who want to speed-preview a class, as well)

Just a possibility to think about! I always appreciate DYWM as an option for those of us who wouldn’t otherwise have access to quality yoga instruction and community!

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I have appreciated being able to create collections. Hence, I have quite a few of them! If possible, it would be nice to be able to reorder how they are listed. The collection I visit most often is the first one I created. And now it’s at the bottom of the second page of my collections. I was also surprised when my collections became two pages, rather than all on one scrollable page. So it takes a few clicks and scrolling to get to my most used collection. No complaints; just a thought.

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Collections incident: I’m trying to remove an item from a collection. I select Edit, then Remove. The item disappears from the list until I click Save. Then an error message appears: Validation error on collapsed paragraph field_node_reference.0.target_id: The referenced entity (node : 28250 ) does not exist.

The item reappears in the collection.