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Thanks for this response. I found this on the site after I made this post. Unfortunately, I can’t access this from Roku or my iPad, which are how I do my practice and where I interact most with DYWM. (Or am I must missing how to access that “Basics” tab? on those other formats)

so my 10 year goal is to be able to squat comfortably. i have gotten around to being able to squat, but i would not call it comfortable yet ^^ alos my feet are pretty far apart still
i started this journey by doing all kinds of hip opening but i now realize my ancles might be next to target as they prevent my legs from leaning forward enough for the squat to be comfortable…

long story short how would you feel about a class “peak pose comfortable squat”? if you ask me even a 30 da challenge would do it but i guess that would then be 30 videos which i get is a lot to ask :smiley:

either way, i thank you guys for all you do!!

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This is a great focus for a class or a set of classes! Ankles can be part of the limitation and this may be due to the way the joint is set up, skeletal variation is broad in that joint!