[Survey] Studying people's yoga practices and preferences

Hey all :wave:t4:,

I’m a UX Design student and practitioner working on a yoga research project. Our field of UX is usually pivoted towards delivering digital products but I want to study how people engage with yoga through physical mediums too.

So I’m exploring the current state of yoga and studying how people engage with yoga and related activities, their feelings towards yoga, the ways in which they practice, what tools they use, how much time and money do they invest, their preferences etc.

In essence, I’m trying to understand how people interact with the various mediums of yoga and looking for ways in which we could contribute towards making the yoga experience for people, right from coming across yoga for the first time, better.

This is a short Google Form asking a few questions about the topic: Finding Your Flow

I wanted to gather responses from a global population and figured this forum would be insightful. Please fill the form if you can and let me know your thoughts.