Swollen ankle (endema) yoga suggestions?

Are there any yoga poses that would help with swollen ankles? (no injury or pain, just water retention). I know “Legs up the wall” is one, just wondering if there might be other suggestions? I realize it’s a stretch to ask here (no pun intended :smiling_face:), but thanks in advance if anyone has ideas for this.

Hi Heather, I too have had this with my ankles, calves and feet swelling, and it’s painful! What brought me great relief is David Procyshyn’s class - Deep Release for the Hips, Hamstrings and Lower Back. This class helped to reduce the swelling each time. Hopefully the link to it will show up in here:

Best of health and happiness to you!


Great Suggestion Heather!

All inversions can help with swelling, so can gentle hatha flow, as it gets circulation going through the whole body.

Yes, thank you for this! I really need to keep moving-I find on busy days I sometimes don’t allow time for yoga .

Hi Mimi, Thanks so much for your reply! And this specific suggestion as well. I’ll try this class next! I also know I need to do yoga everyday-but tend to only plan for it on my nonworking days.
Thank for your thoughts.