Ultimate Fiji Challenge

This morning I practiced Fiji’s excellent Tune into You class. It was the first time I had practiced in a while on DYWM as I’ve been completely immersed in finished my Yoga Teacher Training 200h and teaching classes. There were some amazing hip releases and it reminded me why I love Fiji’s classes - intense but so rewarding… if a little terrifying when I see her transition through poses I can only dream of doing!

Anyway, it got me thinking that surely the ultimate challenge on DYWM would be to practice ALL 100 or so of Fiji’s classes on the site. Has anyone practiced all of her classes at least once? If so, bravo! Were there any particular favourites? Some hidden gems that I may not have uncovered yet?! Were there any moments where you thought, this is crazy, there is no way I can do that class, but did and loved it?

This is just a bit of fun as I’m contemplating working my way through Fiji’s ‘back catalogue’ of beginner and intermediate classes to see how I get on… it may take me a while, but boy would it be an intense rollercoaster ride of amazing yoga classes :slight_smile:


Hi Rob, This is such a great idea! I think that the people who are a part of the doyogawithme private facebook group I run for subscribers would really love to do this with you! I will post it for you there and add you to the group!


I didn’t know this existed! Requested to join as well :)!


nor did I. Would love to be part of that. Just laying out my matt and ready to get my FIJI Yoga on. Thank you so much for all the subtle adjustments that have literally changed all my poses and the alignment. Little shifts make ALL the difference, just like in life!!


Mat, not Matt. LOL! That would be a totally different practice. LOL

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