A List of Yoga Workouts

I love DYWM. I’m an athletic person and I like a balance of doing some yoga when it’s relaxing and meditative but also like more vigorous yoga like Fiji’s “Inspire the fire” is there a list anywhere of the more “workout” style vigorous yoga classes? This would be so helpful when I’d like to opt for yoga instead of a weight workout at my home. Thanks so much for the help! And thanks for this wonderful resource!


I’m sure you’ll get lots of great suggestions from David and from other members. I’ve found there are certain instructors who have those types of faster-paced classes. Fiji is definitely one, along with Traci. There are others, too, I’m sure. It depends on what level you are on, though, too, as far as beginner or intermediate, etc. Fiji is certainly a good option.

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Thank you for responding. I’ll look at how to bookmark the classes I like. I always follow Fiji, she’s my go to for more of a workout. I’m a solid intermediate plus in my skills and looking for a rigorous pace more than doing a head stand if that makes sense. I’ll check out Traci as well. Thanks!

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Yes, I would agree with going with classes with Fiji, and also Tracey and Crista. Andrea and Jonni-Lyn can also push you physically.

If you choose Intermediate II or higher, you’re sure to get classes that are more focused on strength as well.

Thank you David. So appreciate you getting back. I’ll look in to Tracey and Crista. I’ve done many of your classes as well as I run a lot and so have used those for lower back and foot care and they have been amazing when I’ve had issues and or for regular maintenance. Thank you for this wonderful website from which we can all benefit. - John

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My pleasure, John! Enjoy the site!