What are your challenges to doing yoga at home?


I think everyone experiences challenges when doing yoga at home. What are yours?
Personally, I find it challenging to find the best placement for my laptop, or finding enough room for my mat where my desktop is located. I also find it easy to get distracted by dust bunnies, kids toys or chores.
Let us know what your experience is like and if we can do anything to make it easier!


I get up early in the morning to do yoga videos before everyone else is awake. I guess my biggest challenge is where to place the laptop. Occasionally I’ll get interrupted if my husband or daughter wake up early, but they know this is my time so that rarely happens.


Well, my biggest change (apart from the most difficult poses) is keeping my two daughters (11 and 9 years old) away from the living room while I am doing yoga and they are doing their homework. Lilltle by little they are understanding that I need that half an hour, or hour, to my self, and they have learnt to respect it. They are also starting to do some poses with me and learning to relax, so I am quite happy about it. Another change would be finding the motivation to do it in my city, Seville (South of Spain) in summer, when the temperature is around 40 degrees (don’t like with the air conditioned on) but your classes are so good and do me so good that I always find the strengh. Thanks a lot. The laptop is no problem for me as I use a smart TV with Internet placed on the wall, it’s no so expensive and worth it :slight_smile:


I have three dogs who are always happy to wake me up in time to get my yoga done but they often want to help. My ten pound little boy dog will lay on his blanket next to me while I do my yoga but the two big girls want to get right in there sometimes. Nothing like sloppy wet kisses during crow pose!


Good question! I live in a house with 1-year old twin boys and two dachshunds (with down dog being their forte!). I found it so difficult when the babies were born to find the time (& energy) to commit to yoga at a time when I needed it most! I finally got back into the swing of things at the 30-day challenge in the new year. The way I did this was by doing my yoga classes before the babies woke in the morning. It’s meaning I’m doing my classes around 5am. It sounds crazy, but it works so well… most of the time. Of course, if the babies wake early, then I’m often hitting pause on the videos a few times… and worst case scenario the class ends at that point. Unless I’m feeling very ambitious I make sure I stick to classes around 30 mins in length. I manage to do classes most days and really feel the benefit from it. I actually think it makes me better prepared for days at work, as a father, partner etc.


I live in a second floor apartment in a very old building. The landlord lives underneath me. I do yoga in the entryway because it’s the only place with unused space. It’s mostly fine, the only problem is I’m really self conscious about doing any moves that would cause thumping on the floor (hopping to the front of the mat, etc.).


I practice everyday at home as it.is very cost effective. I have a wife, a daughter and a dog so I am usually up at 430am to start my yoga. My biggest challenge or worry is that I am not doing poses correctly or that I may be doing something that could injure me. Other than that nothing really gets in my way.


My biggest challenge is finding courage to try difficult poses…I am afraid of falling like an elephant and breaking things around me…or breaking my self :slight_smile:


My three dogs often like to join me on the yoga mat too. Two of them are 70 pounds and that makes them quite a presence. I actually have found myself rolling out a couple of mats just to ensure that I have room to move over if need be. Their happiness when they join me helps to motivate me and make me smile which is something Fiji often reminds us to do during practice. Sometimes they even do downward dog just before they lie down. :smiley:


Wow, I wanted to talk about it! My biggest challenge is to find a place to put laptop. Sometimes I am in middle of a pose and have to lookup to see how to do it correctly. But that is me, guidance are usually very useful but can be little fast at times in some classes.

Overall, doing yoga at home is very convenient and getting better with time.