Yoga for schoolkids

First of all, let me say thank you for your site and thank you for your amazing classes. I read that you offer free use of the site for everyone for the time being - thank you so much for this as much, because I am sure yoga will be a great relief for many in the next few weeks.

I am a teacher in Switzerland and like so many countries our schools are closed for the foreseeable future. Right now we are starting to organise ways for our schoolkids to be occupied at home.

Here’s my question: Could you recommend a programme / a challenge for school kids between 12 and 16. I’ve been doing a little yoga with them but most of them are at the very beginners state.

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Hello! Thanks for the kind words. We’re doing our best!

For 12 to 16 year olds, I would recommend any of these:

Even though you are meant to do one class each day, you can space them out as needed.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thank you for your reply David. I will send these links to my students, maybe there’s a group who‘d like to start a daily practice. I am doing Fiji‘s Elevate Programme at the moment and it’s my calm (though definitely intense) moment of the day. I am so grateful that your website exists.
Namaste from Switzerland, Corinne


Great, thanks for sharing. I’m not sure if you have noticed, but we have posted a lot of new yoga classes for kids lately. Have a look on our Yoga Classes page or choose ‘Yoga for Kids’ under Style.