What;s the first thing you do after a DYWM class?

As I was lying in Savasana this morning after Fiji’s invigorating Inspire the Fire class, a thought crossed my mind. Once the class has finished, what is it that DYWM forum members do straight after a DYWM class.

We often do our classes at home or maybe at work, and no doubt with our often busy lives, there are 101 things to do around us as we come out of our class.

Do you find the time to rest, reflect, and savour the benefits from the class?

Or is it straight into work mode, chores mode or something else??

For me, I practice in the morning before my boys wake up. So, depending on how long I practice, results in how much ‘free time’ I’ve got before my boys wake up.

If I’m feeling particularly energised and full of goodness (such as this morning!), I’ll maybe post something back to Fiji and David to tell them how much I love the site… or write posts like this :slight_smile: and reaching out to the DYWM community.

Otherwise, it’s usually a mad dash to get the boys breakfast ready, get showered etc… so that I’m ready and waiting to take on Dad mode once the boys start stirring.

Let me know what you do as you get off the mat. Maybe you’ll post a reply straight after your class! Whatever you get up to, have a great class and rest of your day.