Where is yoga taught in schools?

Hi all - for my final assignment on my UK Yoga Alliance Teacher Training course I’m focusing on the benefits of practicing yoga in schools. In the UK, health & wellbeing practices are not a compulsory element of the National Curriculum. So, it’s only schools such as the one linked below that recognise the value that yoga can bring to children and invest in a class programme.

BBC Points West, Year 5 & 6 Children Practicing Yoga, Mar 2018. See:

A recent media story in the UK sewed a seed for me as being a topic worth exploring when it was announced that thousands of parents are considering withdrawing their children from exams at age 10 & 11, mainly becuase their children were struggling with the pressure of exams. I wondered whether if yoga was part of the Curriculum, it could help children develop coping mechanisms, improve their concentration levels, a sense of empowerment and self control. Not forgetting the health & wellbeing benefits that we all know & love.

I am interested in including a case study example from another country that has integrated yoga practice within their education system and the lessons learned from their approach. Does anyone have any examples? Or personal experiences that they would be happy to share…?

Thanks for reading and have great weekends. Rob