Yoga After Dislocated Shoulder

Hello everyone!

I’m a pretty active person and avid yoga practitioner at an intermediate level. I usually practice right after a workout as a cool down/stretch. I recently dislocated my shoulder (playing tennis of all things), so I haven’t been able to do anything too physical for a while. I’m out of the sling now and anxious to get back into my routine, but I want to be careful as the shoulder is still healing and the muscles and ligaments are stretched out. My question is what poses should I avoid that might cause re-injury? Or to phrase another way, what poses should I focus on that would promote strengthening and healing? Would appreciate any advice.


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Hello there.

Your best bet is to do a mix of pilates and yoga, for the strength and flexibility that they provide.
We have a wide range of pilates classes, and you can easily choose which level to begin with by selecting ‘Pilates’ under Style on the Yoga Classes page.

I would recommend doing more gentle classes that don’t focus on the shoulders, but rather have a more general focus.

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