Class recommendations after shoulder surgery


Hi everyone, at the end of December 2018 I underwent surgery on my shoulder / bicep. It was actually two procedures at the same time:

  • Tenodesis of biceps tendon (to sort a schredded bicep tendon)
  • Arthroscopic sub-acromial decompression and excision of distal clavicle (to sort an impingement)
    I’ve been diligently doing my physio exercises and I can’t yet get back to my first love (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). I almost have full mobility back in my shoulder as well as being a few weeks into a strength program. I absolutely love yoga though and often use it to compliment my BJJ training.
    I love dywm, I think you guys are awesome but do you have any recommendations on specific classes I could potentially add to my current physical therapy routine. I understand that you guys aren’t familiar with my body / surgery / situation and that you’re not health practitioners but I’d love some advise on what you think I can do. Not just for my shoulder, but for my sanity. I’m used to training 5 days a week so I’m beginning to go a bit crazy not being able to train.

Please say you can help.

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I am interested in this too. I train 5 days per week - mostly cycling. Going in tomorrow for surgery to repair a ruptured bicep tendon. I’ll be out of commission for a while. Would be interested in anything that focuses on lower body. I.e. opening the hips, etc. Just something that I can do while healing.


I would mostly just recommend doing it every day. That will certainly help with the sanity :wink: Not sure where you’re at in your healing or what your yoga “level” is, but I do a great shoulder/upper back one with David, it’s a beginner class, I think it’s just called Yoga for the Upper Back. And/or try some of the meditations. Good luck!


Hi Danny.

We have a lot of classes that would be helpful in your situation. As you said, we aren’t health professionals so we can’t give specific advice, but anything that improves flexibility and mobility in your shoulders, neck and upper back will help the healing process.

Here are a few great classes. Each one has a specific focus and approach, so you may want to scan through before deciding which one(s) to do.

The Ultimate Shoulder Sequence

A Deep Release for the Shoulders and Neck

Yoga for the Upper Back

Yin Yoga for the Shoulders

Hatha Yoga for the Hands, Arms and Shoulders

Let me know how the healing process goes!

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Hi David, thank you so much for this. I shall get to work on the suggested classes and keep you posted on my progress.

Kind regards,