Classes that don’t use shoulders

Hi there, I completed the 30 day challenge, felt amazing, and then kept it up for a month. Sadly i have now hurt my shoulder - rotator cuff area, can you recommend some classes particularly for core, that don’t use shoulders? ie no Downward dog, push up, plank etc. while i rest and rehab it?



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Hi Allison.

Sorry to hear that you hurt your rotator cuff.

I honestly don’t know if we have any classes that completely avoid the shoulders. You might want to try restorative or yin classes with Satiya or Sarah-Jane.

Let us know how it goes.


Thanks for getting back to me David. It’s frustrating but I’ll figure something out. Just want to make sure I don’t loose the huge gains and momentum I’ve made since starting your classes.

I’ll give the restorative a go.


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Yes, I can see how it would be. It would be nice to hear how it turned out for you, in case there are others looking for similar classes.

I just had this issue, as I pulled a chest muscle and couldn’t do any weight bearing poses using my upper body. I found the Yoga for Runners classes were good choices since they mostly focused on the legs, and I could easily modify to avoid anything that irritated my injury.

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thanks - I’ll check the yoga for runner classes out.