Yoga class after Anterior Total Hip replacement

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Love your site which is why I’m hoping you can help me. I’ve had a THR about 5 days ago and was told all sorts of things I should and shouldn’t do. Do you have any suggestions for classes on your site that might work? Off your site? I’ve done a pretty thorough google search and have come up with a PT routine I like and will use for a few weeks, but I would love to have a structured THR friendly yoga routine to do daily while I’m stuck at home.

The things to avoid are adduction (crossing one leg over the other), anything requiring backward hip hyperextension (i’m thinking bridge specifically), or too much rotation of the foot, both ways but mostly outward.

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Hey, I have no idea what to recommend because I’m just some guy from MI, USA, but that sounds like quite the ordeal and I hope you have a speedy recovery!



Hi there.

It’s difficult to know which classes don’t have those movements and stretches in them, since they are quite general. You could choose a few that you feel you may like and skip through them to see what sort of poses they have, then modify if there are any that are contraindicated.

I’ll include this in our list of proposed classes to film for the future.

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Did you find something?

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And what can you reccomend for me too?

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Hi all,

I’m doing great and I’m happy to share what I ended up doing. I had a wonderful yogi PT who really helped. Chair yoga for the first couple of weeks kept me moving and kept me sane. David’s upper body chair yoga was wonderful. I just kept adding challenge, and removing it if it hurt. I’m still at about 50% hips but if it hurts I just don’t do it.

All the best!

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Thank you, Julie. That’s great to know. This has actually inspired me to look into this a little more. I’m hoping to get more info that will help me develop a class specific to THR.

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