Yoga for Eating Disorders



I started the new Yoga for Eating Disorders program at the beginning of April. I am so very grateful to have found this program. Some parts of the classes are too hard for me, but I am finding it a wonderful experience so far. I got the recommended book and while I have not read it yet, yesterday leafing through it I came upon a few pages that gave me one of those sudden insights that can really shift perspective. I’m looking forward to reading it in earnest. Thank you so much for putting this program together. I am curious whether anyone else is undertaking this journey and willing to share their experiences.




I am happy to hear you found your way to this program, and hope it is meaningful to you in many ways. Putting this program together was something I always new I wanted to do, and am grateful that I finally had the courage to do so. I hope with all my heart your find more things that resonate with you, and that they shift your heart in the direction it longs for.

Love and light,