Yoga nutrition tips

I’ve often wondered what’s best to eat and drink before and after yoga classes. Practising yoga first thing in the morning means I’ve not eaten beforehand, which works well for me. I then get stuck into muesli, porridge, nuts and fresh fruit to replenish energy levels especially after an intense Fiji class! If I do a lunchtime class at work, I’ll eat things beforehand flapjacks with no added sugar using this fantastic and easy recipe. I just add in whatever dried fruit I have to oats, vegetable oil and bananas.

I’ll then load up on things like tuna, pasta, pesto but are these the best foods to eat post yoga and how soon after the class is it preferable to eat?

I would love to hear others’ ideas on foods that work for you. If you’ve recipes to share all the better.


Yes, food is a great conversation starter (although it doesn’t seem to be here, so far! :slight_smile:)

I never eat a significant meal within 2 hours of doing yoga, mainly because it can make me feel uncomfortable and heavy, particularly if I’m doing a lot of pranayama. It also feels like energy flows better and my practice is lighter if I haven’t eaten.

I’m not too concerned with the foods that I eat after a yoga practice. I generally follow what my body craves, whether it’s salad, tofu or salmon.

If I do need to eat something before a practice, I’m a big fan of smoothies. There are many ways to make it super healthy, by adding kale, spinach, nuts, hemp, etc…


My favorite pre-practice snack is a date or two with the pit removed and replaced by a raw almond. It’s got enough carbohydrate to give me a boost but with the long lasting fat/protein energy of the almond and lots of fiber.

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Ooh, that sounds yummy.

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