Sangha Session 20: "What is your favorite post practice snack?"

This is our twentieth Sangha Session, which are community dialogues about interesting, yoga-related topics. They take place every second week. This week, our Sangha question is:

“What is your favorite post practice snack?”

Fruit, granola, crackers, cheese, smoothie, carrots, cucumbers, bread, nut butter… tell what you like!

Since I often do yoga in the evening, I often don’t eat after finishing my practice. If I do have a snack, it is raisins or another fruit. I sometimes drink a cup of herbal tea, such as chamomile because it is soothing and relaxing.


Sounds yummy!

My favorite snack after yoga is fresh fruit or vegetables like carrots or cucumbers. I’m really enjoying the cashew cultured cheeses with crackers too.

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I often practice in the morning before my boys wake up. So, as soon as I’ve finished around 6am I’m already feeling quite ravenous, especially if I’ve opted for a Fiji flowing practice. I’ll often go for something pretty healthy like a bowl of muesli with oat milk, seasonal fruits, mixed nuts with natural yoghurt and a poached or hard boiled egg… if my woken boys by that point, haven’t eaten all of the aforementioned before me!

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peanut, peanut butter…jelly!

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Yes, always yummy!!!

I normally wait to eat about an hour after I practice, which is usually in the early evenings. I tend to prefer greek yogurt afterwards.

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I always do yoga in the morning (about an hour after my coffee) then after that I have breakfast which is usually oatmeal and blueberries or fruit with cashew yogurt.

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