Yoga to break a sweat?

I’m looking for a class that will make me sweat. Any suggestions?
I’ve tried many of the advanced classes and they are fun and sometimes challenging, but where is the workout? I’d really like a class that is rather advanced, say Intermediate III, about one hour, and really physically challenging.
My baseline is that I teach yoga, mostly 75 minute classes, I love to run (6 miles in about 45 minutes), and often go to the gym for weight training with kettlebells or body weight moves.

Any suggestion?

Stefan - JernYoga

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I find that even the simplest classes can provide a challenge by focusing on the small adjustments and maybe going to plank instead of tabletop position. Watch Ron…he always seems to be breaking that sweat you are looking for.


Fiji’s Renewing Power in Flow class definitely brings up a sweat for me !
Then again, it sounds like you are fitter then me so don’t know if it will for you too :wink:

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Hi Stefan,

We do have some more dynamic classes on the site, they often vary in length however. I just released a short but firey one called Tapas and Transformation, my Connections to Core class is an hour and also going to make you work very hard. Jonni-Lyn Friel has some great Jivamukti classes that are dynamic, and of course Tracey Noseworthy has classes you would like.



Cardio does the workout for me, so I find it interesting that you do so much cardio for sweat and want the yoga for sweat, too. Perhaps attend a hot yoga class in person. I don’t do yoga to work up a great sweat, although I love the challenge.

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Hello, I found Jeff Lichty and Jenni Pritchard’s ashtanga yoga classes to be quite challenging.

Turn on the heating, maximum temperature.

Have you tried Rachel’s 30 minutes of power?


Agree on this one, it makes me sweat every time I do it!

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