Vegetarian/sattvic diet


What are some of your experiences with the vegan/veg/sattvic diets?

I decided to cut out meat and seldom consume dairy, while still eating fish and eggs. My diet consists of whole grains and beans, oats/nuts, fruits, vegetables, greens.

I can certainly say I feel clearer, and that with the depth I’ve taken my yoga practice that removing meat from my diet was the right move. I already feel more connected with my gut and therefore my body than I previously did.

Advanced vinyasa classes and breath of fire really assisted the transition to a meatless diet.

How has yoga transformed your diet?


Eating vegetarian or vegan certainly makes me feel lighter and my head feel more clear. I think it’s a good thing for me and my digestive system. Yoga reinforces that for me, since my practice is enhanced when I don’t feel weighed down by heavy foods. It also encourages me to eat less sugar, since it can make me feel unbalanced.

Thanks for the topic!