Yoga before or after a run?


Hello! I’ve been running almost everyday and try to squeeze in a quick yoga (20-30mins) routine before my runs, but I noticed my legs cramp up pretty bad the next morning. So my question is, is it more beneficial to do the yoga routine before or after the run? I still do stretch a bit after, but nothing serious.


-Austin H


Hey, I’m no expert on this, but I reckon it would be better to do your yoga practice after your run. Judging by some of the comments on the link to the yoga for runners class, it seems that they do their yoga afterwards rather than before. Maybe it’s worth doing this class after your next run if you’ve not done so already and see how you get on. I hope that helps.


Warm up before your run to get the blood circulating. Try five sun salutations. After your run stretch very deeply to release the leg muscles that are contracted from the work they just did from the run. If your don’t stretch, your muscles will remain contracted. Muscles only have so much potential for strength. If they remain contracted, that much potential strength is already used up. You will feel better and stronger deeply stretching after any vigorous workout, run or physical work. Mel