October 30-Day Community Challenge: Improve Your Flexibility for Busy People

Hello everyone!

Our next community yoga challenge begins October 1st, 2018 and ends October 30th.

This brand new challenge is 30 days of daily yoga classes and it’s called Improve Your Flexibility for Busy People. It has both beginner and intermediate classes, all less than 25 minutes. The perfect challenge for busy people!

This is the place where you can comment, ask questions and communicate with others.

For example, let us know:

  • What have you liked about the challenge?

  • Do you have any suggestions to make it better?

Enjoy the challenge!


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Hi David,
I LOVE the “busy people” idea: having a well-designed challenge that does not exceed 30 minutes each day is a GREAT format. When this one is done, I suggest a “busy people” challenge for strength, then another for balance.
I’m enjoying the challenge, and look forward to my daily practice.
Thanks to you and the rest of the team for all you do!

  • Barbara

Thanks Barbara! Nice of you to share.

I love the “busy” challenge, too! It allows me to truly make space for yoga every day, instead of 2-4 times a week, while still juggling my two jobs (and trail running training).

I’d love to see some version of the intermediate-to-advanced program that runs on 5 days/week of short “busy” practices and two longer sessions/week (40-70min). Although I’m not sure one can reach the “advanced” videos that way, they probably require a lot more dedication, haha :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. :slight_smile:

Good morning, I am loving this 30 day challenge. I love the diversity of the class styles and instructors, it has been a great way to be introduced to those I have not tried before. I appreciate the length of classes which make it easier to stick to when trying to fit it all in before leaving for work in the morning. I truly appreciate this website and those that share their time and talents with us.

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Thank you! We put a lot into this challenge, so I’m glad you like it!

Hi! I’m enjoying this challenge a lot even if I’m not doing it perfectly. If I haven’t managed the day’s video by 6pm, I do the toddler’s yoga video while the baby plays around the room and occasionally joins me. If I’m not at home at that time and I’m too tired for an intermediate video, I do a couple of my favourite poses in the evening. With this “flexible” method, I’m 7 days late. I think I’ve done some improvement in some technical aspects.

I’d like it if there was a bit more core work. “Strenght for busy people” like some suggested could throw in a bit of Pilates, maybe. But it’s an excellent selection in any case.

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I started late but loved Day 1!

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Hello, thank you for all the wonderful sessions, which I pick and choose from as I feel like; there is always something of interest! I am building towards a daily practice quite successfully - even if some days are only 5-10 minutes - and feel the benefits.

I’d like to start tracking my yoga sessions; I don’t need to plan them, but I’d like a record of the ones I’ve done and I’d like to see roughly how many hours a month I’ve practised for, and how many days. I think it would also help me ‘refind’ sessions I’d like to do again. I started using ‘notes’ on my iPhone but I wondered if there was anything better out there - does anyone use an app? Or a notepad and pen?

Thanks in advance!

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The sessions have been great. Thanks for pulling this together. Some days I have more than 20 minutes so I will pull in another session. For those days when time is tight, this is perfect!

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HI @Bendyrach. You do have the ability to bookmark videos and add a comment to each video you bookmark. See the screenshot I attached. These buttons are under each video and the button with the plus sign on it is the bookmark icon. Click on that and it will save the class in your profile, under ‘Bookmarks’.

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I started this challenge at the end of November, and I’m more than half way through (which is really good for me). It’s much easier to commit 15 - 20 minutes a day than try to find time for 40-60 minutes. I’m looking forward to the new January challenges that mix short classes during the week with longer weekend classes. Thanks for all you do!

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Thank you and you’re welcome!

I enjoy the daily classes that are on my system when I open my computer each morning…it gives me a little push to get on my mat before I start planning other activities on my to do list for the day….and now it’s become a comfortable and pleasurable habit and my day automatically begins with a daily practice and my body benefits and my mind is calm. Being part of DYWM has become a great experience for me, particularly because it’s so much more achievable to maintain a daily yoga practice than having to carve out the time for in studio practices.