Monthly Calendar

It would be awesome to have a monthly calendar…20-30min classes during the week and longer ones on both days on the weekend. Pretty much every time I come here I get lost looking and looking for the ‘perfect’ class, and it would be neat to just head over to a monthly calendar and not have to think. I’ve seen this on other online platforms and people love it…also good for daily community connection in comments as we move through the calendar together.

p.s. I love doyogawithme. xo


I work my way through the different programmes and challenges. Some are daily, some are alternate days. I find this makes you do classes you wouldn’t normally choose. Some really challenge you, pushing you to your limits and some give you the opportunity to try different types of yoga.
I often revisit Fiji’s 14 day challenge, it’s the one I started with, not realising it was Intermediate 111​:wink:. I like to think I’m progressing each time I do it. :woman_in_lotus_position:

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Hi Pink Lady :slight_smile: Yes, me too! Although I always stick to the beginner ones because as soon as I head into intermediate my back starts to hurt (old problem). Maybe that’s what I’m thinking of…a challenge exactly like the ‘Daily Dose’, but at the Beginner I/II level. The Daily Dose is perfect, but my back is already protesting after day 2.

I follow some of the challenges/programs and don’t worry about matching my schedule to theirs. I skip a day or practice if I need to. I believe there’s also a way to create your own “collection” in your profile, but I haven’t tried that yet. When I’m lost and just want to do yoga, I’ll use the Filter to search for practices that fit what I need that day. The search function on DYWM is really good!


Agreed! I do the same thing.

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Great suggestion, I am wondering how the classes would be selected as everyone is a different level and likes different styles? Our programs and challenges are great for organizing a class schedule for you, taking the selection pressure off. Have you looked though the challenge page?


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Maybe ‘Beginner - All’ and ‘Intermediate I’? This way it would be accessible to all…or perhaps two calendars each month - one like the aforementioned and an ‘Intermediate - All’ and ‘Advanced’ one. I have worked through some of the challenges…they can be inconsistent in terms of practice length. I tried making my own calendar according to the 20-30 during the week and longer on weekends guidelines, but it was taking forever to find the video, favourite it, and then choose the next! I don’t know if it’s easier to do this behind the scenes. :). Just an idea…the site and teachers are awesome in every way.

If there was a faster, easier way to put together my own challenges, I would definitely do it (30 min for 30 days, etc). It just takes a really long time to add each video to a list. If there are tips to make the process faster, please let me know, as I might just be doing it wrong!

In your practice studio you can create collections, this is like a playlist for classes!