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I have a question about continuity after I finish classes. I am taking the absolute beginner class but have done gentle and Hatha yoga beginner classes which I really enjoyed. I’m a senior but have not taken the senior class. It brings up a basic question to me on how to progress through the programs. My goal is to have more strength and flexibility, sleep better and also deal more effectively with the day activities. I currently live in Vietnam and cannot leave due to covid. I already practice daily meditation which has helped significantly. So if you could how would you outline the progression of classes from the absolute beginner class to a goal for me of doing Hatha yoga every other day after I walk 5 miles here in Hanoi. What classes should I do starting with the absolute beginner class and following it. Is there a blog post to discuss how to move through the classes and challenges to reach a oersonal goal? I have no schedule or job being retired. I just would like to see how the classes line up, which one leads to what outcome and since I have an annual subscription the long term plan on the site for a beginner. Thanks!


Great question, @mpmilestogo. We’re working on ways to make this more intuitive, which will be a part of our upcoming upgrade.

It’s hard to know exactly what a specific student is looking for, but I can make some recommendations. Once you have finished the absolute beginner program, you could move on to either the Be Strong and Flexible Beginner 30-Day Challenge or Guy’s Beginner Slow Flow Challenge. Try the first one or two classes in each and see which one fits your needs better. You’ll find them both in our Yoga Challenges section. Also, don’t feel like you need to do daily classes, even if the challenge says so. Use it as a guide and adapt it to your needs.

From there, you could move onto Rachel’s 7-Day Challenge.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


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Hi! Thanks for the updates. It would help if you offered something of a mentoring approach with the beginners and perhaps asked questions online after the beginner class that would then guide the person to a next step. Perhaps like:

Do you want more flexibility or strength?
Interested in yoga before sleep or after you awaken?

Each mentoring question would show suggested classes or challenges the beginner could choose. For me I am not interested in beginner classes that take hours to complete. I would like shorter classes that give me flexibility in when I do them. Last night I did a restorative yoga session for 10 minutes which was perfect given the time and what I wanted from it. Perhaps consider a mentoring approach like above or consider many people like me do not want over an hours beginner sessions. I’d be more attracted to shorter sessions that offer suggestions for other sessions based on answers to questions or likes or dislikes. Honestly the beginner classes are too long for me so I stopped doing them.

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Great suggestions! We could look at incorporating some ideas into our new design. It would be very challenging to have questions after each class - I don’t believe that is do-able.

Have you used the search filters on our Yoga Classes page? They are designed to help you find what you are looking for quickly. For example, you can do a search on Beginner level classes within a specific range of durations.