Advanced Yoga Challenge

I just finished the 14-day “Push Your Limits” advanced yoga challenge, and it was an incredible experience! I found my way into some asanas that had previously been inaccessible to me, but even more importantly, I made some major breakthroughs with regard to strength and mental focus. I absolutely recommend this challenge – it truly pushes your limits, but I now feel like I can do anything :slight_smile: Thank you for putting this series of classes together!


Fantastic! It’s great to hear that, thank you.

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Finished this challenge today! Really glad I did this, these were all classes I had done before, but I had been taking things a little easier recently as I’d been concentrating on running, and doing mainly stretch classes or short intermediate classes. It was good to have somebody else choosing the classes for me as it meant I had no choice other than to push myself! Taking a week off from running for Mum duties, so it was really good to have some tough classes to focus body and mind. As usual the teachers made all these classes a joy to do even when they were tough. I still struggle with some poses (hello, arm balances) but my flexibility, balance and strength have improved so much through years of doing DYWM classes, thank you all so much!