Vinyasa Recommendations that are like Rise & Shine by Fiji McAlpine

I love Rise & Shine by Fiji because of the pace of the class. It is very “flowly” which I love because it gets me moving and sweating. Are there other classes that are like this one? I have done many of Fiji’s and really like them but they tend to be slower with longer holds.

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Vinyasa for Vitality is one that is short and faster flow. :slight_smile:

thank you so much! I am going to try it now!

nice handle by the way. i was duke class of 2000. :slight_smile:

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There is a smorgasbord of classes for you to try! :smile: I would suggest try some of the different instructors. Rachel and Melissa have great Vinyasa classes. Josh Chen is also an awesome instructor. Just think of it as being at a buffet and trying a little bit of everything. You can do a search under vinyasa which will bring you to all those high flow clases.

Nice! My sister is class of ‘83, so our entire family are huge Duke fans.

Some of the new classes I filmed are like this, tapas for transformation, open to opportunity, and cultivate connection.