Can I practise the Yoga Programs every day?


I am just starting to practise yoga, and I have discovered your website and your programs. I think they are great, specially for someone who is looking for a progression.

I would like to practise everyday. However, I have seen that most of your programs are sheduled with 3 to 4 practices peer week, and rest days in between. Can I practice more often,maybe 6 days per week, or is it highly recommended to rest in between and follow the program as advised?

Thank you for your responses.


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Hi there!

Yes, you can absolutely practice daily! All of our programs and challenges are suggested guidelines that likely work for most of the population, but you can do the classes more or less frequently, as you like. Everyone has different needs. 6 days a week is great, if you feel you are benefiting from that kind of schedule.

I hope that helps!

DoYogaWithMe Founder

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