How many times a week to practice?

I try to do yoga at least 2 to 3 times a week. But is this the most beneficial? Should I be doing it every day?
I also have a dog that needs to go for a walk or hike every day. Sometimes with other responsibilities, I find myself not up to doing yoga also. I hate to admit that but should I force myself? And what is the most beneficial amount of time to do the practice? I usually do 30 to 45 minutes but have been told that it should be 60.
Would love to hear what other persons believe. Thank you.

Hi there,

Pre-pandemic I used to practice one or two times per week. Now I try to practice at least three times per week. I prefer at least a 60-minute class. On days that I don’t practice yoga I take a fast-paced two-mile walk. I used to also do Pilates, but not as much anymore.

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I’d recommend the amount of yoga that makes you feel good about yourself. If it’s 10 minutes one week or seven one hour sessions the other week.

I’m a yoga teacher and my practice varies quite a lot. Sometimes I’ll get up early and practice for about an hour every day of the week. Lately I’ve been focusing on meditation and working too much so my practice is down to two to four times a week.

Don’t beat yourself up. Going for a hike with your dog is just as amazing exercise. Especially if it makes you happy.


Thanks for “don’t beat yourself up”. Needed to hear that. I had been going to the gym 3x a week before COVID hit & stopped going because of the closings. I kept thinking the virus was going to go away but it hasn’t! So, I have gained some weight, which I want to lose. Without lifting weights and swimming every week, I can’t seem to find a balance of what I should and need to do. Thanks for your insight.

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I think it’s great that you also go for walks and hikes with your dog in addition to practicing yoga whenever you do. We all need that fresh air! And as much as I love yoga, being outside just walking/hiking always feels good. It’s also nice to switch things up. If I go for a long hike, specially a difficult one, I just do a restorative class the next day or take a break altogether. Or if I’m not walking that much because of weather or because I’ve been sitting on the computer too long, I’ll do a more intensive and/or longer class. The same day if I can or the next day. That’s what works for me. Go with what you can do and what your body is telling you you need.


Happy to help.

Weight and health-wise you might find time for healthier cooking and if you haven’t tried a vegetarian or vegan diet I’d really recommend that. You could start with one meal or one day. Sample different recipes and see what you like.

I too struggle with way to many hours sitting still in front of the computer.

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