Classes for "Splits Practice"

Thanks for all the great classes and instructors on this site. I love DYWM. I joined April 2020 and am very grateful for falling upon this site. I gave myself a challenge about 3 months ago to learn and accomplish the Splits (side split for a start). I have seen some shorter videos 2-7 min but was wondering if there was any classes focused on this that I could do daily? I presently do mostly Beginner ll but occasionally do intermediate. Again thanks .

Try Andrea’s Hanuman class! It’s an Intermediate II class, but she breaks down the parts of the pose and it is pretty doable for a beginner/intermediate to start working towards the full pose. Refine and Align: Hanuman |


The other thing is to know what your body can do. I have never been able to do splits no matter how I worked or tried… We are all built differently, so if it not in your ability, go easy on yourself. I wish you the best of luck going forward with your goal!


Hi! Christa has a great one for hanuman. She’s so much fun, too. Jonni-Lyn also has a good one!

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