Do you have a new favourite class?


Often, when I visit the site I’m like a kid in a candy store, struggling to pick one class that feels right for that particular day as there are just so many great classes/teachers to choose from. Over time, I’ve done a number of challenges and they have really opened my eyes up to different teachers and styles. I’ve a regular set of classes I often return to, but I know there are loads more I’ve not explored. This week I’ve discovered a new favourite class - Melissa’s Go With the Flow. It’s a fair bit more technical than most of her classes, but I just love the pacing and range of flowing poses. There are some fab twists to open up the body from cat/cow, high lunges and hamstring stretches with twists

How about you? Have you discovered a new fave class? what makes it so special? would you recommend it to others?


I’m surprised that no one has commented here! I’ll pipe in though… my favorite right now is Rachel’s Bow Pose: Release the Hip Flexors. It’s an amazingly thorough, satisfying and strengthening class.


Sarah’s Yin Yoga for hamstrings is my favorite. I enjoy this class because my hamstrings are a very challenge area of my body. I have to give them attention weekly. At then end of this class I’m always so surprised and happy at how much deeper I can get into a standing, forward fold.


A Deep Release for the Shoulders and Neck is one that I come back to again and again - it’s perfect for warding off or fixing headaches. I also love Satiya’s Morning Wake-Up, which I love for mornings when I’m tired and bleary eyed but know I’ll feel better if I get up and start moving.


I love Melissa’s Go with the flow and her new Deep hip opening. Wish she would do a new intermediate.
Also love Tracey N.Gratitude and Rachael Scott Bow pose.
But I keep going back to Melissa.!


I really love Satiya’s full length restorative class - her lovely sweet calm voice makes it so easy to follow the entire class with your eyes shut and end up feeling so relaxed and energised during the class and after its ended - a wonderful class and teacher - thank you so much Satiya


It’s difficult to resist Melissa’s classes - they are just so good, and I have to agree that her Go with the Flow class is very good. I’ll have to check out the deep hip opening class. Thanks for the reply.


You’ve described that class so well that I am going to have to check it out next time I’m in need of a restorative class. I agree that Satiya’s voice is so soothing, I almost melt into the mat.


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