Elbow Bursitis slowing me down

Hello, Wondering if this wonderful yoga community had any suggestion about an elbow protector for bursitis. I have modified my asanas, but it is now hindering my progress in many . I’m quite petite and finding it hard to nail down a good elbow pad. Any suggestion?

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Hi, there.
It seems like no one has any suggestions. Have you looked into sport elbow pads, such as what you would find for volleyball, or would they be too big?

You nailed it, David. Most of those are too big. I did find something that fits me and helped somewhat. But good to hear that not many people have this problem. It is very annoying. Thanks for your follow up. :slight_smile:

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My pleasure. Fee free to post again if you find a workable solution.

Bit late but might be helpful for someone down the track. For a while both my wrist and elbow were sore from too much carpentry (hammering, lifting heavy timber lengths with one arm, using a heavy drill with one hand) and found Thermoskin products good - for the elbow is just like a firm elasticised short cylindrical bandage, and for the wrist was a length that has a hole so you slip it over your thumb then wrap it around the wrist and velcro in place.
They don’t feel like they’re doing much but they have helped and I wear them if I’m going to be doing more than I should (outside of yoga). Within my yoga practice I put a lot of focus into getting my hand placement right and pushing down strongly to work the muscles that align the arm. But I think a key factor was regressing my practice to avoid pain then progressively building up strength with variations that explored shifting my hand placement around, how much I straightened my elbows, how hard I pushed every finger into the ground - whatever allowed me to avoid any pain at all.

Now I try to always warm up my wrists/elbows/shoulders (google search) and generally incorporate those exercises into opening poses if I can. Such as fingers together and pressing up through heels of hands in Upward Salute, then maybe hands behind back bending over in Uttanasana, doing a few wrist curls as opening from Anjali Mudra into Upward Salute, Lifting Anjali Mudra up and down, behind back etc. And moving wrists around a bit and bearing weight in cat/cow.

All of this before I ended up in plank or downward dog. I really think it helped both wrist, elbow and shoulders - strong as now.