Get Strong! (Whole Body) 21-Day Challenge Begins September 1st!


Hello lovely community! This is the conversation thread for the Yoga Challenge that begins on September 1st, 2018.

For this community yoga challenge we are featuring the 21-day yoga challenge we called Get Strong! (Whole Body). It’s a vigorous, intermediate level challenge that will help strengthen your entire body, head to toe.

If you are joining us in the challenge, let us know:

  • Are you enjoying the challenge?

  • Which classes in particular have you enjoyed?

  • Do you have any thoughts about the structure or progression of the classes?

Thank you!



I like the three that I’ve done so far. However, I’m going to mix them up with other classes such as kundalini yoga and some of the classes from Melissa K. I like returning to classes I know and I enjoy and need the internal focus of kundalini yoga.


Sounds like a good plan, @cgadavies. That’s a good way to ensure that you’re getting the mix that you like!


I’m enjoying it a lot-my only critique would be day-to-day I’m not sure how much time I need to carve out of my schedule, because the class lengths vary so much. I’m liking the classes, ended up bookmarking a few of them for the future. I always enjoy Fiji’s classes, haven’t taken as many with Rachel but I’m getting used to her style. Thank you for offering this–it’s really nice to have a challenge to keep me accountable.


Thanks for the feedback. Are you receiving the classes by email? Would it help if we noted the length of the next class in each email? By the way, you can always go to the challenge page to see the classes listed from Day 1 to Day 21.


Thanks, I didn’t know there was a challenge page. That helps a lot!


I loved the challenge! The progression was well-considered and inspired! It felt like you knew what my body needed each day. I will do more challenges. Thank you so much.


Fantastic! You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


I just completed the challenge and LOVED IT! I really built my strength and pushed myself, but in a very safe and positive way. I think the mix of classes and lengths was perfect.


I’ve been using your website for a while now and this was a great way to have a structured set of classes ready to go. Sometimes I end up taking too much time looking through the choices. Also really like the choice of classes at the beginning with Rachel Scott whose instructions for alignment and engaging the core are always really good and were always at the back of my mind during the rest of the challenge. I did find Day 13 and Day 14 too close in terms of pace. Since they were both slow paced and relaxing, I could have used something a little more in between. And last but not least, I was able to try out a couple of teachers I hadn’t before and that was really useful too. Thank you!


Love Rachel’s instruction in this first day- Jan 1 2019! Starting the new year off right with Zumba (I’m an instructor) and Yoga! New year, new challenges— in the good way! Rachel’s so good about really narrowing in on the exact part of the muscle that we should be using for optimum support in more challenging poses. I find I am able to hold the poses better with her focus on the muscles and uses of the block and strap. Thank you!