First Challenge Feedback

After the first six days of my first Challenge, I’ve experienced an “attitude adjustment.” January has always been my least favorite month of the year, and I definitely disliked getting up early on cold winter mornings. When I signed up for the Challenge, I wondered if I would make it through the first day or two of getting up at 5 am. However, the Challenge classes are so well-done that I look forward to getting up early, checking my email, and completing each class, January 2019 Is starting out to be what may be a life-changing month, and I feel I will complete the Challenge. I also believe this Challenge will lead to a daily yoga practice in the future.


Fantastic! Which challenge are you doing?

I chose the Be Strong and Flexible Beginner 30-Day Yoga Challenge because I’ve never tried a Challenge and felt less apt to fail with the beginner level. Since I don’t have a television, I’m using an iPad with a triangular stand for the Challenge and was concerned about following the instructor while watching a small screen on the floor. Choosing a beginning level Challenge was a good decision because I’m not only reviewing poses that I know, but I’m learning some little details I missed in studio yoga classes. Using an iPad has advantages I didn’t think about. I can easily stop the video when needed, and I can also move the iPad around during the class.