Having problems with the App!

Hi, I am have just downloaded the app on my tablet. I like to use Fijis classes, so my question is…when I click on Classes, then it allows me to choose classes by free, level, style etc…I go to Find Classes by Teachers, pick Fiji…then it only allows me to pick one of her classes by time duration…10,20 etc minutes…this is annoying me! as I don’t want to pick by class duration I just want to scroll through her whole classes like it used to be…if I do pick say 30 minutes…I have her classes to choose from here, but they have the name and not the exact time on it unless of course I click on it…so it can range from 31 mins to 39 mins say, this is quite annoying as in the morning I want to see what the times are to what I can do…am I doing something wrong, is there another way on the app just to pick all of Fijis classes and see them all rather than then pick a time frame? or am I being completely unreasonable!! lol it was fine before and now it all seems changed :frowning:

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I prefer to use the website as I’ve found the app difficult to find classes too.

You can start to use the new features in the practice studio to help with this. You can follow certain teachers, so follow me. You can then create your own collections, you can name the collections based on time, or anything else you like! Say you only have 25 minutes every tuesday morning to practice, you can create a collection called Tuesday morning flows.

Hope this helps!