Head stand duration


I passed 71 a couple months ago and still enjoy my vinyasa yoga every other day. I also try to get in a couple of headstands a week. I can still hold it in the center of the room for a little over 2 minutes. I am told this should suffice for being beneficial. Is this correct? Thanks.

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I don’t have a proper answer, except that 2 minuts seem good enough (I have neck issues, so I almost don’t do them, but I still benefit a lot of my yoga practice), but just after I saw you post, I listen to episode 9 of Colin Hall’s yoga history podcast (another canadian), in which he speaks precisely about that.
I thought I’ll share the link with you (you can find his podcast in many other places, as apple or google podcast!

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Hello to both of you! The duration depends on how long you are able to maintain the integrity of the pose, as well as come out of it with complete control, rather than fall out. Safety is the key when doing poses that put your body in a vulnerable position, particularly your neck.

Thanks David. I agree with your assessment. As I have gotten older my staying time has decreased to 2+ minutes but is holding steady now. My upper body strength has decreased with age it seems. My ego wants me to stay longer but my body let’s me know when it’s time to float down. Appreciate your comments.

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Oh yes, that darn ego! Mine makes me do silly things quite frequently.