Pap pap headstands

I had posted a few day’s ago asking about what a good duration for headstands is. And got some good counsel. But I heard something today I had to share. We babysit our grandkids one day a week. Grandson is about 5 & granddaughter is about 3. On the way to school they both asked if pap pap could do more tricks today. I had done a headstand for them last week and they were mesmerized. They showed their mom what I had done as best they could and now wanted more. So I guess my joy stems from me being able to do yoga poses at my age while introducing them to my grandkids showing them what’s possible. Today I’ll add in a crow pose.


I love it! That’s fantastic, Jim. I revel in showing our kids yoga and will look forward to sharing it with their children as well. :slightly_smiling_face: