Learning to do splits


I have being doing yoga with you for five months. I have made huge progress. I am a semi pro comedian and I was thinking of doing a physical comedy routine on learning how to do the splits. I think there is huge potential for humour in this subject… Partly as when I tell people that I want to do the splits, they think the concept is hilarious.

I am 56, pretty fit with average flexlibity. I have started teaching myself and am making progress. I do extended warrior 1 and pigeon pose etc. Firstly is it possible to teach yourself? Or are some people just incapable? What exercises and routines are helpful?

Any advice would be very welcome.

Hi Rupert,

Well first off, if you make this routine up I would love to see it! The splits are a very hard thing to learn for most of us and I have been practicing for 20 years! There is some genetic advantage in this pose for some people because the ability to do the splits is dependant upon the shape of the femoral head and how it fits into the hip socket. The angel of the the hip also comes into play and many can’t do the splits beccause they actually hit bone on bone. The other limiting factor is a thigh psoas and tigth hamstrings. working on these two areas the most to gain more mobility is the best way to see progress. half splits is reallly great for this, the back knee is bent and on the ground and you lean over the front extended leg.

Good luck, millimeter miracles

thanks Fiji… will keep trying. milimetre a day and maybe I can get there… gives me a new goal in my yoga

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Many years ago I saw Billy Connolly live in Manchester

He did a stand up routine about yoga that was absolutely hysterical. It’s on YouTube somewhere I think.

It was very rude :sweat_smile:

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