Osteoperosis and yoga

Hello there, I love your site! Thank you for creating it. I just wanted to ask about yoga and osteoporosis. Are there any positions that I should avoid? To put this in context: I am 35 years old and in good health except I have developed severe osteoporosis from coeliac disease. I haven’t broken any bones which is great, but feel a little cautious now. Thanks :relaxed:

Hi there. Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

It’s best to think about it in the context of overall principles. I really like the recommendations from Osteoporosis Canada on Safe Movement. Go through the short list on the page and you’ll see that you mainly want to avoid stress on the spine. Gentle weight-bearing is good, which is what yoga is great for, but you specifically want to avoid stress on the spine in a bend or twisted position.