Piriformis Stretches

I need to know stretches for the piriformis; any suggestions?

Yes, do Yoga for Sciatica Relief. Let me know if you get relief after you do the class by commenting in this thread.

I’ve done the class for about two weeks and the results are significant. Thank you very much. I think I’ll be running again in about a month…

Fantastic. If you would like to get some variety, you can also throw in the following classes to compliment Yoga for Sciatica Relief:

Deep Release for the Hips, Hamstrings and Lower Back
Hatha Yoga to Release the Lower Back

and of course, because most tension and discomfort involved a psychological component, these guided meditations may help a lot:

Yoga Nidra with Jennifer Piercy
Letting Go: Guided Meditations and Relaxations

Thank you for the meditation suggestions.

My son does construction work and recently hurt his back pretty seriously, with sciatic pain going all the way to his ankle. I recommended that he do Yoga for Sciatica Relief and some of the other videos for back pain. He has been doing them for a couple of weeks and says that nothing helps his pain (including medication) better than yoga and ice.

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That’s fantastic! Glad to hear that he’s improving.