Random Class Generator?

I’ve been reflecting back on the Empower Yourself 30-Day Challenge last month, and one of the aspects that I most appreciated was not having to choose which class to do each day. I felt great after doing yoga every day for a month, and now I find myself having decision fatigue or indecisiveness when I try to choose a class.

Would it be possible and would you consider adding some type of “random class generator” where we could choose one or two criteria (such as class length and level), and then a random class would pop up? During the challenge, I found that I enjoyed doing classes that I wouldn’t normally choose for myself. I’ll look at other programs to complete, also, but I think that this might be a welcome addition for some of us.

Thank you for your consideration, and thank you for your hard work on this site - it has helped me in so many ways.



I completely agree with this request as I, too, have been struggling with choosing a class everyday. The thought makes me tired. Also, I have done almost all of the challenges (except for the Yoga for MMA series) more than once and am looking for something new.


Yes, great suggestions @jdwillms and @krystle.wright2015.

This sort of feature has been on our radar. I can’t say when it will become a possibility, but we’re considering it to be a fantastic feature to have on the site.

Thanks for the feedback!


Oh wow, you mean I am not the only one who suffers from indecisiveness??? LOL! I find following one of the programs helps for sure. I am currently doing the Ongoing Intermediate program. I like it when the work for choosing a class is done for me! :slight_smile:


I would love this too. This is why I love the challenges.

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I noticed that’s been a while since anyone has commented on this thread, but I really hope this feature is still on the radar!! As I come to the end of the 30-day challenge I am already getting overwhelmed with choice. A random class generator would be perfect!!


This is still on our radar! We’re looking into providing more detailed filters, allowing you to choose classes based on more specific criteria. I realize that it wouldn’t be automated as you suggested, but it would serve that purpose.