Received email about exciting new challenges. I’m 71 and the learning to thrive one appealed to me

I simply can’t locate it anywhere. Help please.

Perhaps one of these? Search Results | DoYogaWithMe

Thank you for responding. Someone has been sending me links everyday for the Learn to thrive with age challenge. Am up to day 7. Have been doing yoga on this site since early days. Being 71 has it’s challenges, so thought that challenge would be good. Oddly some of them have been too hard. But I have saved every one to go back and try again.


I must try that site. Always curious about how many ‘elderlies’ believes yoga is a lifelong practice and are still committed to practicing, so that sounds a good site to maybe find the answer. But as I have only just found this site I really am enjoying exploring all the options and choices available which will keep me motivated. I’m a few months short of turning 80 and my daily yoga practice means so much to me ……both mentally and physically.

I’m 72 and been doing yoga on this site for a while. I’ve found that being “old” has it’s challenges. Some days my usual classes are easy, sometimes though I can’t finish because of exhaustion. I don’t beat myself up over it. In a few days I can go back and complete the entire class. This site is a lifesaver! I will continue my lifelong practice of yoga. It makes me smile and fills me with joy.

I am a couple of years older and I listen to my body- every day it’s telling me something different :wink:
That’s when I chose the class I will be taking on this day. That’s why I love DYWM. I can decide with whom I will practice, what level and length :+1:Works for me!