What yoga can help for CRPS?

Hello David,

Travelling to a new place, far from home, I discovered your site. What a gift.
Congratulations with your ‘DoYogaWithMe’. You may be proud on yourself!

After years of hard suffering without diagnosis, I came with our last hope with my daughter from Europe to the USA to heal her ‘uncurable’ CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrom). The pains of this neurological disease are terrible. After One month we have some relief, my daughter is …healing, she left her wheel chair, she is hopeful. I think we see a miracle.

How can my daughter help the self healing proces of her CRPS by yoga? We know there are a lot of blockages in her spine, we also know that her brain is damaged through the CRPS. We believe in the neuroplasticity of the brains, we believe the spine can be more fluent…

Which meditations and yoga can be helpful?

Thank you

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Thank you! I appreciate the kindness. We’re working hard!

I personally don’t know a lot about CRPS. I did find a great article, which is a personal account on the experience of CRPS/RDS and what can help - mindfulness being the most important way to work with the pain. It’s commonly understood that psychology - our general way of being and our response to pain/discomfort plays a big role in how much pain we feel.

We have many great meditations that may help. One in particular is meant to help people with chronic pain - it’s called ‘Heal Chronic Pain’ and it’s on our Letting Go: Guided Meditations and Relaxations album.

I would also recommend trying the guided meditations on our Guided Meditations for Stress, Anxiety and Depression album and Yoga Nidra with Jennifer Piercy.

Keep in mind that individuals respond to guided meditations differently, so encourage your daughter to listen to a few of them to she if she likes them and if they help. She’ll be your best guide to see what is working and what isn’t.

Please keep in touch and let me know how it goes with her.

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Thank you so much, David, you took time to answer!

We will use all this information and tips!

Thank you again, I will give you feedback after some weeks,


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