What's the best series of classes to take to lose some weight (15-20 lbs) in mid 40's?

What’s the best series of classes to take to lose some weight (15-20 lbs) in mid 40’s?

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Not sure about the yoga classes, but I’m 47 and thought weight loss was no longer possible. I exercised like crazy, gave up drinking alcohol and still didn’t lose much weight. A few months ago I stopped cooking with oil and that alone has resulted in over 20lbs lost. I know this isn’t what you asked, but I’ve watched my 30 something cousin exercise like mental for over a year now and she looks exactly the same aside from some muscle under the fat. It’s true what is said, diet is 80% of the solution to weight loss and maintenance. I started doing yoga around the same time but beginner classes don’t make me sweat so probably aren’t burning many calories. I am more toned and strong which is great but I’d attribute the weight loss to oil free, low salt and sugar, whole, plant based food.


Great input. Diet is huge, so that is where I will put my focus, along with daily yoga. I recall getting so fit after having twins and doing yoga 3x a week (vinyasa flow) and I was trim and healthy, with the diet to accompany it. That was when I was 30 years old.


Hi @snkthelen2. I would agree with @jomaby. So much of your health is derived from what you put into your body, including how you feel, how much energy you have, how well your digestive system works and how much you weigh. Yoga is great for so many things but it generally doesn’t get your cardio going enough to lead to weight loss.

Just make sure that you are either following nutritional advice from someone who knows their stuff, or working on trial and error (which can sometimes be more effective, since only you know your body).

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I am 68 year old female and yes, I could stand to lose 10 pounds. However, what I have learned about weight, body image and feeling good about oneself is this:

  1. Eat healthy (we all know what this means even though I do love cookies!)
  2. Do what you LOVE in life! This will inspire you to always do your best.
  3. It isn’t about how much you weigh but how you carry yourself.
  4. Help others; give of yourself.
  5. Make a special date with yourself one day a month.
  6. Be CREATIVE in everything you do. Creativity is the essence of life in my humble opinion.
  7. Love yourself just as you are in the present moment.

I am very grateful to DoYogaWithMe! These classes have helped me to release tension and and negative emotions that pile up, to realize inner connectedness through breath, and to improve balance in my body and mind. THANK YOU, DAVID for creating this wonderful site! You are my favorite instructor because you communicate an inner calmness and a depth of care for your fellow human beings. You explain every move and position so well and with such ease. You remind us along the way to breathe and to release which is important to me because I tend to tense up at times when I concentrate. It is lovely to sample classes with all of your instructors for everyone has their special way to bring light into our lives!

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Love your comments and list! Thanks for sharing :heart:


Because of my recent weight loss success I thought I would add a comment. I’m 58 years old and never really had a weight problem until I hit menopause. I tried every diet, exercise program, kampo (Japanese prescription herbals-I live in Japan) and even acupuncture! Nothing helped me lose any weight. The kilos just kept piling on-and to be honest I did not have an unhealthy diet! A friend of mine gave me some information about intermittent fasting and the rest is history. I’ve recently lost 6 kilo (a little more than 12 pounds) living an intermittent fasting lifestyle. I don’t diet-I eat sensibly and healthy and fast about 17 hours a day-most of which is done while I am sleeping. I never thought I could do it but it isn’t as hard as you think. I recommend checking into it!