Yoga class plans

Hey - for my teacher training course, I have to draw up a six week beginners hatha class plans. Does anyone have any recommended sites for inspiration for class plans? Hope you’re all well.

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Hi there. Do you mean planning out the themes for each class over a six week period or do you need to plan the progression within each class as well?

Hi David. sorry to have not made this clear. I was looking for the sequencing of poses for a programme of six classes. I ended up using Yoga Studio app as this included a helpful library of many poses at all levels, so I then structured the classes to cover preparatory, main and warm down poses, with slight variations to the classes each week, particularly the warm up poses. I’ve taught four of the six classes, and so far, the feedback from my students has been great.

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I found this blog post, it has recommended online yoga courses.

Hope it helps! :wink: