Yoga for degenerative discs

I have just been diagnosed with degeneration of a disc in my back at the age of 42. I’ve been active my whole life, have done yoga on and off, and chiropractic care. I just returned to chiropractic to find this degeneration. (It was mild 10 years ago but now is severe).
I have been back to yoga for about a year before pain started and led to this discovery.

Now that I know this is my reality, how do I adjust my yoga practice? Should I try the yoga for seniors challenge since this is more typically something that comes with age? Or is there a set of classes that would be better?

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Hi there.

It sounds like you already get the sense that you will likely need to adjust your practice in a way that is more gentle and careful. We have many programs that would be great for you. Have you tried our 30-day Beginner Yoga for Optimal Lower Back Health? And since core strength plays a big role in keeping your back safe, you could try our 21-day program, Establish Your Core Stability and Strength.

Let me know if you would like any other suggestions.

Take care,