Feedback needed on our new video streaming service!

I may need to find another way to watch the videos, I currently watch them through my PS4, however all the videos you have changed over to the new service doesn’t play sound through the PS4.

Hello, I am in the UK. I am a beginner and love your website and videos. Thank you. I can access your videos on my IPAD and PC, but not from my Panasonic telly. The browser is called VIERA television and our talk talk fibre broadband says our average download speed is 35 Mbps. Sometimes the video appears but on selection the circle just goes round and round; other times the no video is displayed to be able to be played. Any advice to resolve this issue would be appreciated. Thank you.

Never had any trouble streaming until this new update. Very frustrating.

Hi David! I’m glad you asked, since I just wanted to write an email. We already had trouble using the old player, it always worked with Vimeo though as an alternative. Now with the new player we have the same problem as with the old one: the videos just stop after a few minutes and freeze, it looks like they try to load all the time. Nothing helps except restarting the video (but only by really loading the whole page again) and looking for the time where it stopped. Then it might freeze again after some minutes and so on… Our bandwidth is quite good, we never have any difficulty streaming something else. Thank you!

@Kinnisonsm I’d be happy to help you out. Can you send an email to me ( with some of technical details (device you are using + version, browser + version and what type of connection you are on). Thanks!

@michi_leitner Can you send an email to me ( with some of technical details (device you are using + version, browser + version and what type of connection you are on). Thanks!

@heart_and_anger Does this issue happen with all of the new classes? Would you mind trying an older class and letting me know if that is still working?

High Sean,

It happens with all the videos that have been changed to the new streaming service. The videos that have not yet been changed over still work, however they are getting to be very few of the classes that I like to do.

Thank you for your response


Damian Fulton

Hi Damian, We will look into it and get back to you.


22 minutes into a 62 minute class and lost the stream. Tried to get it to play again starting where I left off but was not able to. This is happening each time I attempt a class. Personally, I like the old service better.

@Sbeaus12 Can you let me know what class you were streaming so we can take a look at it?

Hi Sean, it was Crista’s class Yoga Fun at the Wall. Thank you for looking into it. :pray:

Great, thanks. We think we know what the issue is with some of the classes that were transferred. I’ll let them know about this one as well. Thanks!

I am also having trouble with the new streaming service. Any classes that I try that have been changed are a problem for me. I just tried an old one and it was fine and prior to the change I had no issues. I am using a PC Windows10 +Firefox 70.0.1 + wifi via cable modem.

Thanks for any input!

@Sbeaus12 We have re-uploaded Crista’s Yoga Fun at the Wall. Would you mind trying it again to see if the issue is resolved?

@joeevv Do you happen to know which classes you were having issues with? We have re-uploaded a number of classes as we think the issue is with the initial migration to the new service. Would you mind trying one of the following classes to see if you are still having an issue? Or send me a couple that you have had trouble with and I will get those re-uploaded so you can try them out.

Hi Sean, thanks for your quick response. The class I tried this morning was Melissa Krieger’s new Happy Wrists class. I just tried the three you re-uploaded and had the same issues with all three classes. There also seems to be an issue with the volume on them as well as the buffering. My volume dial has to be all the way up to hear the instructor. I think if I lower the quality they may work but the video looks pretty bad.

Thanks for working on this problem.

Cindy Weyer

Sure! I’ll try to get a class in tomorrow morning and I’ll let you know! Thank you

@joeevv Hi Cindy, That sounds like it might be a separate issue going on. I have the same configuration as you without any issues. Can you send me an email to sean at with your info and I can look into it further.

The videos that were converted to the new system are still not working with Chromecast from my PC. Until the app you mention is up and running, do you have any suggestions to getting the videos to play? I know some of them are on youtube but not all. Thanks again.