Hard to concentrate on instruction with heavy breathing sounds lol

Hey everyone. I am wondering if anybody else has the issue that I do and that is that I cannot I get past breathing noises heavy sighing and that kind of noise while the instruction is being given. I would love to see either the mike moved a little bit further from the mouth so that those of us who are very sensitive to these types of sounds, like chewing, not in a video but as a reference to the kind of sound that can make you completely lose concentration on what the instructor is saying😂
There are so many fantastic instructors on this site but honestly the only ones that I can listen to for any length of time areFiji McAlpine and Tracy n. Like I said this could just be me but I would love to be able to experience more of the instructors and their personalities but without the heavy breathing LOL


I’m the same…It’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine as well. Rachel is another great instructor I never have that problem with! :slight_smile:

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Thank you I will check her out!

awesome and let us know how you enjoyed or felt post the meditation…

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I agree with the breathing… I did the 30 day Poise and Perseverance Challenge. There was one instructor in particular that I just could not get past the breathing. The rest of the instructors were great, though, and after a few times with the heavy breather, I moved on to other instructors and will avoid his classes. I gravitate to Fiji and especially Tracey, though I enjoyed being introduced to the other instructors and have followed some of them as well. You night try Crista S, Jonni-Lynn, or Andrea as well.

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For me, hearing some of the instructors practice their breathing helps me pace my own breath and helps me to refocus on the breath when I may not be. Personal preference. I enjoy Fiji and Tracey’s classes now that I’m more advanced in my practice, but there are times I still need to focus on my breathing when doing them because they typically don’t focus on the breath as much as others. I agree that Rachel’s classes, too, might be good for you.


Rachel Scott is awesome, too. No heavy breathing with her either. (I know EXACTLY what you are talking about and can’t get past it either. I stick to these three and David.)

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